School Council

Our School Council is run by Geraldine Murphy.

Our School Councillors are:


Carlton Vale Infant School's Council is a group of students who have been voted for by their class members to represent their class to express concerns, views and ideas on how to make changes in their school.  A new school council is formed every Autumn term and each person in the school has the opportunity to apply to be part of the school council.  Pupils are expected to prepare a short statement about their ideas for improvements and changes to the school and why class members should vote for them.  After listening to each person's pledge, a vote takes place.  Pupils are encouraged to think about whose ideas they would like to see develop and voting is done in secret!

We have regular meetings and discuss what we have found out from our peers, this includes things that pupils are not happy about, changes they would like to see in the school and also how we can raise money for various projects.

If you have any concerns or ideas about how to make school even better, make sure you speak to your class representative!