Summer 2019

We joined with Kilburn Park to have a Carnival celebration.




Spring Term 2019


2 children from year 2 visited the Institute of Education to launch the Read Aloud event for March 2019. This event celebrates reading and children that receive reading interventions. The children who attended got to read to superheroes. The event was called 'Reading is my Superpower!' Some children read to professors of Literacy and Reading Recovery. It was a pleasure to be part of this event.



At Carlton Vale we get to go on the most AMAZING trips! Our Head Teacher is always giving us opportunities to go places that we have never been to before.  Year 2 were lucky to get to go to Kidzania!!


Reception went to visit the Transport Museum. When they were there they took part in workshops.



Year 2 went on a second visit to the Tower of London but this time. they got to go inside and explore the crown jewels, armour, changing of the guard and the ravens.


Year 2 went into central London to explore the Tower of London. They learnt about the different parts of the Tower. They will go on a second visit and go inside the Tower to see the crown jewels.


Autumn Term 2 2018

Year 2 visited the Jewish Museum in London. They learnt about Hanukkah and then delivered an assembly to share their learning.


Year 2 visited Willesden Green Library to see the play A Christmas Carol.  Some of the children were invited to take part.


Year 2 visited Zippo's Circus at Winter Wonderland as part of their topic.


Autumn Term 1 2018

The first half term has been very successful and the children have settled in well into their new year groups.

There have been trips and events to enhance learning.

Year 2 visited the grave of Mary Seacole, a famous black nurse. They had been learning about her and other black icons as part of Black History Month.

The Perform drama company visited Year 2 to extend their learning about black icons. They learnt more about Mary Seacole and the boxer, Muhammed Ali.

Our Nursery children went on a trip to Paddington Rec. A nice park very close to our school.


Year 1 at London Zoo

Year 1 visited the zoo as the big finish to their topic.




Animal Art Exhibition March 2018

Here are some photos of the art exhibition.

Please come and visit as it looks better in real life.



Police Van Visit

On Wednesday 21st February the police came to visit.

We got to sit in their van and try on police hats.

The police officer was from Wembley Police Station.




Tom Fletcher and Save the Children


Some Year 2 had a visit to meet the McFly singer, Tom Fletcher,  for his book signing in Wembley.


The Selfish Crocodile

On Thursday 7th December we had a visit from a famous author.

Faustin Charles is the author of the children's book, The Selfish Crocodile.

He taught us a game and a song and shared his book.  He signed copies of his book for each class.



Anti-Bullying Week

This week it has been Anti-Bullying week. As part of this, all the children had the opportunity to enter a competition.  They had to create Anti-Bullying posters.

Here are our winning posters.

 The Children won prizes and the posters have been laminated and are on display around the school.