Life at Carlton Vale Infants School Life at Carlton Vale Infants School Life at Carlton Vale Infants School

Welcome to Carlton Vale Infants


School Vision and Learning Values

We believe that the Infant years are the most important in a child’s life and certainly the most exciting. The sense of wonder and discovery as a child sets out in learning is a privilege to observe and to be a part of.

Our vision is to create an environment where every learner has the opportunity to amaze us.

Our unique focus on developing the skills of learning along with our creative, active and exciting curriculum enables all pupils to be challenged to achieve their best.

We celebrate, and are proud of, all pupils’ achievements both in and beyond the classroom.

Our staff teams are totally committed to providing pupils with the very best education possible. The teams plan a wide variety of learning opportunities in and out of the classroom that broaden pupil’s experiences and enable them to develop new and exciting skills that round them as individuals.

We strongly believe in team work. Together, children. teachers, support staff, parents, and families work as a team  to give them the best possible start to life. We want everyone to:

'Work Together and Achieve Together'

Here at Carlton Vale we have worked together to develop our Learning Behaviour language and attitudes  throughout the curriculum and it is incorporated right across the school. Behaviour for Learning is developing the skills and attitudes to become better learners! We have 8 key words which link into all the learning and behaviours of the school.

 Our Core Learning Behaviours are:

Creative - Versatile - Independent - Resilient - Respectful - Adventurous - Persistent - Problem Solving  (CVI RRAPP)

They form the bedrock of our decision making around every aspect of your child’s education.

By developing these core learning behaviours and values our children will develop the skills and attitudes to support them through their lifelong learning journey.


OFSTED 2014This is good school

Our Ofsted 2014 rated Carlton Vale a good school.

“The excellent relationships between staff and pupils provide the foundation for good learning and progress throughout the school”

“The Head teacher, well supported by highly committed senior and middle leaders, governors and staff, is working effectively to raise standards”.

“Pupils achieve well from low starting points to reach average standards at the end of Key Stage 1”

“The school encourages pupils and their families to learn together, which supports pupils’ rising attainment”.

“Pupils are friendly and welcoming to visitors. All pupils behave in a respectful way to each other and other adults, both in class and around school”.

“Provision for the development of pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is good. Pupils are encouraged to celebrate the diversity of different cultures and faiths, and time is made for reflection. There are many opportunities for children to experience the theatre and the creative arts”.

“Information and communication technology resources underpin many areas of learning, with notable impact on boys’ achievement”.

“The governing body effectively holds the school to account for its performance and the management of its finances”

Our motto ‘Grow together, achieve together” is instrumental in our journey to outstanding.

We have some very exciting times ahead of us and we are really looking forward to experiencing and sharing them with you all.

Learning Together.