Intent –

Our intent is to develop the love of music in every child from Nursery to Year 2. Music is another language with its own rhythms and symbols which inspire creativity, self-confidence and imagination. The music curriculum aims to instil a love of music through a variety of ways giving children the opportunity to experience a wide range of musical genres and cultures. Music is an important part of daily life and is embraced by all. Children learn how to use their voices safely and effectively, they learn about famous musicians and take inspiration from them to compose and critique their own pieces of music. Learning a range of instruments gives the children the opportunity to choose one they may wish to continue to play individually.


All children attend a weekly lesson and access the ‘Music’sCool’ programme which develops musical skills and understanding from Nursery to Year 2 and follows the National Curriculum. 

Singing forms a big part of the music curriculum and is very much celebrated in school through weekly hymn practices, assemblies and as part of the music lessons. 

The staff has access to Sing Up, to learn and enhance their singing experiences.

About Sing Up

Sing Up is a limited company which operates on a mission-driven, not-for-profit basis. Our core goal is to ensure that children and young people have opportunities to sing regularly and well for all the benefits research shows that brings. All profits after tax are reinvested in developing more songs and resources or gifted to our charity, the Sing Up Foundation.


At the end of their time at Carlton Vale, children leave with a strong love of music whether it be through singing, playing or listening to music or through all.