The teaching of phonics is taught through the use of the Collins Song of Sounds programme. 

What is Song of Sounds?
  • Multi-sensory with kinaesthetic, auditory and visual activities that reinforce skills through a variety of learning styles making it ideal for pupils with English as a second language.
  • The song is integral to the programme to help children remember every phoneme, a highly active approach with whole-body actions and lots of games to aid learning.
  • Carefully differentiated, contains support and challenge tips to cater for every child in the classroom.
  • Bring phonics to life with a fresh, lively, hands-on approach to teaching phonics with engaging, interactive activities that reinforce learning.
  • Created and developed in the classroom by teachers, Liz Webster and Sue Reed, whose school saw a 97% success rate in the 2018 screening check.

We believe that the teaching of phonics and spelling is an integral part of children’s reading and writing development.  We want the children to acquire a wide vocabulary and be able to spell new words. They can do this by effectively applying, both in reading and writing, the spelling patterns and rules they learn throughout their time in school.

Stage 1 Sound Mat and Words Stage 2 Phoneme Finder Stage 3 Phoneme Finder


Regular diagnostic and formative assessment is a key feature of the programme and helps not only to monitor children’s progress but also to identify key areas for revision. With Song of Sounds, children are diagnostically assessed on entering school, then at specific points throughout the programme. These more formal assessments should be carried out on a one-to-one basis by a teacher or teaching assistant. These assessments focus on each individual child’s grasp of concepts taught so far including their ability to:

  • Read and identify grapheme-phoneme correspondences taught up to that point
  • Read ‘green’ words containing GPC’s taught up that point
  • Write dictated ‘green’ words containing GPC’s taught up that point
  • Read and spell common exception (‘tricky’ words) taught up to that point
  • Read ‘green’ sentences made up of GPC’s and tricky words taught up to that point.

Impact –

Song of Sounds has 4 stages, from nursery to Year 2

Stage 0 - for FS1 nursery aged children

Stage 1 - or FS2 Reception aged children

Stage 2 - Year 1

Stage 3 - Year 2


By the time the children leave Carlton Vale;

  • They will have become enthusiastic and motivated readers who are confident in reading a variety of genres and text types.
  • They will have the skills to decode words in order to be able to read fluently with a secure understanding of what they have read.
  • They will have been inspired by literature and will read for enjoyment and pleasure.


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